Route Management

Indigo Olive - Route Management


Your route delivery drivers not only benefit from wireless integration with your inventory system, Route Management effectively makes them part of your sales team. Using their preferred mobile computing and printing devices to record deliveries, change-orders, returns and off the truck sales, drivers generate invoices and collect payments all at the point of delivery. This activity is updated wirelessly to your enterprise database, and is instantly accessible to sales, home office and the warehouse. At the end of the day, each truck's inventory and financial activity is automatically reconciled.


  • Access accurate route delivery information
  • Log unscheduled returns and exceptions
  • Modify & print invoices at point of delivery
  • Accept payment at point of delivery
  • Streamline end of day check-in & reconciliation
  • Capture, adjust, and send delivery day information
  • View pre-loaded delivery information
  • View ALL STOP locations for the day's routes
  • View multiple invoices
  • Print new or adjusted invoices at the customer location
  • Accept and track multiple payment types including cash
  • Capture customer signature
  • Scan item bar code for accurate delivery
  • Upload completed delivery information after each stop